VIP Pajama Party Business Bundle


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A total of 6 classes will eventually be part of this bundle. So if you pre-order the VIP bundle now, you will not have to pay more to gain access to all of these classes, as I roll them out.

The first class is already out, How to Make Money Blogging: Step by Step, and it is the heart and soul of our school. It’s ready when you are! You can learn more about that course here, and it is still included in this special pre-order bundle price.

Once you learn the material from this course, you will be ready to start making money. The rest of the classes will be tailored to help you grow and perfect your business as you go on your entrepreneurial journey. You will see the rest of the classes begin to roll out at regular intervals over the next several months. They will be ready right as you need them!

The 7 Classes in the Bundle:

How to Make Money Blogging: Step by Step.
This class came out March 15, 2022! The launch price is $199

Special Focus: How to define your niche for a profitable business
Preorder at $39, launch price will be $69

SEO Intensive: Keywords and how to use them to make money
Preorder at $69, launch price will be $99

How to write a blog post and create other content that converts sales
Preorder at $69, launch price will be $99

Social Media Intensive – how to use social media to make more money – includes
lessons on Tik Tok and Instagram
Preorder at $69, launch price will be $99

Making money with Youtube for Beginners
Preorder at $39, launch price will be $69

A savings of $230!!!!!!

But if you pre-order the bundle package right now for $349 ($249 for previous PJA members), you can have it all plus:

1 year of access to the VIP Pajama Party private Facebook group where you get personalized help from me and other PJ Party members. How do you think your business will look in 2023 with a year’s worth of my focused help?

A 30 minute personal coaching call with me that includes an in depth evaluation of your business and my best advice for how to improve and move forward.

Access to exclusive content that I will be sharing from time to time with ONLY the VIP Pajama Party with my best tips for success.

20% discount code to use on all future PJA classes, and I have at least two more on my mind that I want to teach already with more coming down the pipeline as we all grow together.

30% commission paid to you on all Pajama Affiliates classes you refer to other people using your unique affiliate code. Whether you decide to promote these classes within your business, or just tell your friends and family, I will pay you 10% more to spread the word than non-VIP members per sale in commission. On 1 sale of a $99 class, that translates to almost $30 for you!!